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26 May 2014


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This one touches just the right spot – with a firmness that’s soothing but not too smooth, and gently penetrating precision, it eases – a musical massage!

From the country that made modern Makossa, and its prevailing upbeat, electronic offshoots, this Cameroonian artist emerges offering an acoustic alternative – and still kicks!

After all, he’s the “rebel with a sensitive soul’, the “quiet revolutionary”, respected for challenging stereotypes with magical melodies and poetic lyrics in different languages that speak to the source.

With “Biso Nawa” his 4th release, Dikongue continues to impress, interpreting African song with aesthetic innovation. He takes the traditional into a different direction, adding a global dimension, graceful guitar and astounding arrangements.

His sound is both pensive and joyous, provocative and comforting – its potency refined!

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