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26 May 2014
Keiko Matsui - Walls of Akendora

KEIKO MATSUI – “Walls of Akendora”

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Keiko Matsui is a genius keyboard player from Japan, who’s accumulated smooth-jazz awards, while also being categorized as fusion or new age artist.

Thankfully though, she never limits herself to any one genre, and her vast popularity proves her broad appeal.

She started piano at the age of five, began composing in junior high, and in 1989 launched her international career, with her first album as a leader. Her numerous subsequent albums have all been chart toppers – an astounding accomplishment for any instrumentalist.

With her latest she interplays the ultra-smooth with urban-jam – it’s a textural odyssey with lush piano moments, orchestral drama, swinging jazz, free-form and booming percussion. While “Akendora,” evokes images of an exotic location, it’s actually a place of her own creation, where she runs to spend contemplative moments and find peace. It may be imaginary, but it’s still an enticing invitation.

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