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26 May 2014
Lokua Kanza - Toyebi Te

LOKUA KANZA – “Toyebi Te”

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Of the new generation of African stars, Congolese-born Lokua Kanza is surely one of brightest.

Amid the outspoken attitude, styles and clichés of many of his counterparts, he has quietly and steadfastly evolved a unique style of poetic beauty.

His understated excellence has in recent years brought him international acclaim, but heroes have long recognized his talents. Since the ‘80’s, he’s worked with worked with the likes of Manu Dibango, Ray Lema, Papa Wemba, Miriam Makeba and Youssou N’Dour, and others.
the likes of Manu
His 4th solo , “Toyebi Ti”, tributes today’s Africa – its a journey from past to present, through the simple serenity of village sounds, with celebratory drumming sessions to the interplay of Afro-electronica.

There are gentle, guitar-led poems, universal love songs, potent prayers, and his trademark addition of inner-child innocence.

The overall intimacy is enhanced by his remarkable voice, astounding vocal arrangements and sparse instrumentation – whether its hip-hop or a Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra’s string section, it’s sensitively handled

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