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26 May 2014
Rosa Passos - Amorosa


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Already fixated by two of her tracks found on compilations, it was a chance encounter with a Brazilian jazz bassist that prompted me seek the album of the vocalist he described as ‘the finest in his country’ – and what a discovery!

Rosa Passos is one of the few singers dedicated to a genuine evolution of Brazilian music and her voice is like milk and honey. She also plays the guitar beautifully, gaining respect from the best.

Her latest release “Amorosa” is a labor of love, honoring her hero, the legendary João Gilberto, whose bossa nova sound changed her life and musical direction when she was 11 years old.

With epic collaborations and an all-star line up, “Amorosa” is timeless – a graceful offering of profound musicality – a ‘must have’ for those whose tastes transcend fashions, trends and commercialism.


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