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26 May 2014
Silhouette Brown


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What a wonderful name – a perfect fit for a fresh new R&B artist from the UK!

But actually Silhouette Brown isn’t a ‘she’ – it’s a collective! A project produced and conceived by two of West London’s most adored dance dynamos, producer Dego MacFarlane’s and keyboardist Kaidi Tatham.

And while knowing this, it’s still difficult to disassociate the sound with a single female singer, because at the forefront is a ‘newfound’ vocalist, with crystalline purity. She’s Deborah Jordan, a multi-instrumentalist from a musical background, an unspoilt treasure sparkling with expansiveness.

Backed seamlessly by her fellow songstress, Bembe Seguei, it becomes even
more difficult to separate the singer from this sexy sound that bridges breakbeat with modern soul music – its sultry satisfaction.

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