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26 May 2014
Blue Note Revisted


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Here’s another remix project – but this one deserves to be checked out! Firstly, it’s a Blue Note Records release – and this label’s been at the cutting edge of the industry for 65-years. Internationally recognized for its consistent quality and invaluable contribution to music culture, Blue Note has always built on the past, and pioneered the future.

Secondly, “Blue Note Revisited” is global undertaking, whereby a handpicked variety of DJs and producers from Europe, the Caribbean, America and Asia, were invited to re-examine classic recordings from of the label’s catalogue. Current heros, including Jazzanova, , Matthew Herbert, and DJ Spinna, revisit jazz legends such as Wayne Shorter and Donald Byrd.

They were given creative freedom, so naturally their approaches differ. Ranging from hip-hop to house, from break-beats to acid, experimental and electronic jazz – the result is interesting.

But the diversity is perhaps too extreme, making it difficult to enjoy as a whole.
There’s a couple of killer reconstructions, like Kenny “Dope” Gonzales’ take on Bobby Hutcherson’s “La Malanga”, but ultimately it’s all about individual taste.

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