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26 May 2014

GILFEMA – “Gilfema”

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Gilfema is contemporary jazz with world influences – it’s also more!

Gilfema is communication in action – an apparently effortless conversation as three vibrant cultures speak a common language of sound.

Gilfema is instrumental wizardry – an introduction to the individual excellence of three artists, who together make a groove that seems greater than a trio.

Gilfema is alchemical interaction – between a Swedish-Italian bassist called Massimo Biolcati, and Ferenc Nemeth, a Hungarian drummer bound together by Beninese-born guitarist Lionel Loueke.

Gilfema is a name derived as an anagram, from the first names of each member, [which makes more sense when given the information that the guitar maestro is known as ‘Gilles’ in West Africa].

Gilfema is a seductive, soulful, quality sound, blending the richness of African soul with European eloquence.

Gilfema is the grace with which jazz can again reach everyday ears, with an uncompromising eloquence that will also appease aesthetes.

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