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26 May 2014

MARC MOULIN – “Entertainment”

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For the uninitiated, he sounds like a new discovery, but actually Marc Moulin is a living legend. He’s a humorist who studied economics and political science; a radio producer who composes for TV; a playwright, calligrapher and a columnist with a civic conscience.

Most importantly however, he’s a master pianist from Brussels who formed his first trio in 1961, and started recording 1963. Since the ‘70’s, he’s accompanied some of the world’s biggest soloists, recorded, released and produced prolifically, always adding hip sophistication and a sense of humour – he hasn’t stopped!

This 2004 release is a wonderful album of superb musicianship –with jazz, soul, funk and an electro edge. Adding a touch of irony to the imminently danceable, the opening track asks: “Who Stole the Groove?”

Well, it seems that what was lost has come back as the Godfather of Acid-Jazz gives us “Entertainment “!

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